Giving away $100 giftcards to all of the above websites. WOOHOO! Click here to enter, and don’t forget to reblog this so all your friends can enter too! c:


Giving away $100 giftcards to all of the above websites. WOOHOO! Click here to enter, and don’t forget to reblog this so all your friends can enter too! c:

"Attack on Titan gave me Stockholm Syndrome"


It’s just one of those things. You watch the first episode, no, the first ten minutes of something, and you think to yourself “Oh man, what is this. Oh, no I’m cringing so hard. Are they serious?! I have… I have to keep watching!” This very feeling, which I got from the start, lasted all the way through 25 episodes, because I couldn’t stop watching.

I can’t quite put my finger on it — or at least, I’m going to spend this rant trying to figure it out — but it’s not that it’s a BAD show, I don’t think that. I had a good time watching it, honest! It was entertaining and I was hooked to see what was going to happen in the next episode, every episode. It’s just, what it is… is a really frustrating, really awkward story. Where do I even begin with this? I had so many different reactions to the show throughout watching it, and a lot of them didn’t feel like what was intended by its creators.

Attack on Titan is a very popular IP right now. I’m not criticizing it just to try to go against the flow — I’ll probably catch some flak for this post — but I guess what I’m saying is that it just didn’t gel very well with my brain. Your brain is not my brain, we might disagree, which is awesome! So, here goes.

Needless to say: Spoilers be lying ahead.

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All my friends are doing crazy radical shit I feel like I should too maybe leak some nudes

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I just got mentioned on the De Anza College Confessions Facebook page…… Someone told me to try harder in school.


We’ll see who’s laughing when I’m balling as fuck hue hue hue

I came here to laugh at you



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